Monday, September 12, 2011


Some pictures from our summer mini-vacation are here.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Catching up

Ouch, mom really slacked off this time!!!! We apologize for her -- we kept her SOOO busy she didn't have time to update our blog. For over a year. Really.

Anyways, here are loads of pictures: from our 5th year and our 6th year.

And we promised her to behave so she can post regularly from now on again. So, see you soon :-)

Oh, just to show we keep our promises, here are a couple of new ones:

Haagen Dazs is the best! Pure bliss...
And some art work: guess what this is:

Give up? It's a frog hamburger, with a fork, egg, and a worm. Duh!

OK, maybe one more: Have you eve made rock candy? We'll tell you a secret: Don't tell anyone but they are lot more fun than yummy. They ARE fun, though :-)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It got warm again, so we spent a great morning in the park

Like I said, it got warm again...

After all that playing, I got really tired -- but I couldn't bear missing what mom and dad are doing in the living room.
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We discovered a new toy: mom's camera! Dad, can you read upside down?

Moby's turn to be the model now

Here we practice photographing inanimate objects

And here... who recognizes this show?
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The children's museum in Denver rocks! We got to be firemen.
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You gotta close it like so

OK, ready, shoot!!!

After we've put out the fire, we went to the workshop.

We learned how to saw...
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and how to drill.

From now on, the boys are in charge of home repairs in our family!

In another part of the museum, we got to dress up as bunnies and other animals, and forage for food

Look, an acorn! It should last me through half a winter.
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Saturday afternoon: teta Laura thought of the perfect activity: Ice Age at the movies! OK, boys, she told us, you have to be THIS quiet.

I was glad to know I had to stay quiet -- otherwise I would be screaming from excitement -- a REAL movie theater!!!

When will the movie start???

Hey, it's starting now!
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Countdown to Christmas has begun!!!
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Early October -- first real sledding

If we can't go sledding we will go riding our dump trucks down the driveway

Let's goooo!

Mom said we needed to wash up before dinner
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We've been reading a lot

Usually we got mom or dad to help us ... ehm... turn the pages

And when we run out of books, we get a new batch in the Cheyenne library

Fun place, with lots of toys (and books, too)
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And finally, the end of October and the beginning of the two-month-long candy paradise: Halloween! I was a triceratop.

Since we were scary dinosaurs, everyone gave us their candy

And cupcakes!!!

And the next day, more snow!!!
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To escape from the snow, we went to Fort Collins for a day -- awesome parks and less snow

Hey, Moby, let's go on the swings instead!

We met up with teta Laura in the park and went to the mall court to get some goodies

And to learn to take pictures with her phone
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