Sunday, January 11, 2009

July 2008

Aaaah, summer, hot days, fast cars...

Mom and Dad attempted another vacation. I thought putting stickers on my tummy was a natural part of being on vacation.

Mom thought a ride on a carousel was a natural part of being on vacation...

Good grief, who came up with those things? Gotta hold on for dear life...
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When we returned to Ann Arbor, adults deemed us potty-trained and our wonderful teachers threw us a major Potty Party! All the other kids came too.

Look -- we're talking a major achievement here! No more diapers, from now on it's Nascar and Batman undies. And Dora panties for Amira, of course.

Even Georgia came to the party. Georgia is one of our teachers, and I LUW her!

OK, done celebrating, gotta play!
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