Sunday, March 02, 2008


Are you wondering what we've been up to these past two months? Here's the update:

Of course, we've been keeping up our building prowess

Sometimes trading size of the project for complexity.
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Then, we keep up our ability to drive Mom and Dad crazy. Like loading trucks with legos and running through the house, then pretending to try and not crash into things, while crashing into things.

It makes such a WONDERFUL, loud, bang!

So, Mom decided we needed more arts in our life. So now we get to make parent-approved racket!
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And we paint.

It's fun

Hey, look, the water looks like grape juice now -- let's try it!
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Bad boys, bad boys, what ya gonna do

Went shopping with Mom and Dad (parental comment inserted: not for guns, for bike pants). Anyways, they had these awesome guns, so we got to practice the 'bad guy' look. How do I do it, Dad?

Oh, like this!

And an even badder guy!

And I am the baddest guy! Like the one from the movie that wanted to shoot Boog the bear and Elliott the deer.
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For those of you worried about the guns.

We show you our nurturing side. How do you feed a baby, Kelvin?

Oh, I see now!
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Shish, we got all thirsty...

Then we burp and change them.

Here are some toys.

Let me find some other toys for you too.
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And some more milk.
Boy, are babies thirsty!
The lesson we learned today is that it's really hard to take care of two little babies. We are wiped and ready for bed. So is Dad (although HE didn't have to take care of two babies, just watch us a bit...)

Then Dad perked up when he realized we will be in bed soon. (Did he mumble something about 'not soon enough'?
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Teta Marketka had a birthday. So we got a cupcake, naturally.

Ahooooj teta Marketka in Austin! We will enjoy your birthday cupcake.
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Guess who decorated this cookie?
Right you are! We did! Ourselves, with our own two hands.
And then we helped clean up.
Riiight, mom and dad? You reeeeally didn't need to mop up the entire kitchen afterwards, DID you?
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Now watch this!

We're officially BIG BOYS. See? Real undies!

And from the other side so you don't miss anything.

(Alright, we admit we still don't fully get these. The problem is that when we have these on, Mom and Dad bug us about going the bathroom every 2 minutes. And when you pee, your socks get wet! Now that NEVER happens in our trusty Pampers!
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