Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Last weekend we visited with friends Eli and Matan. Kelvin had to choose which toys to take.

Guess I will just grab the crocodile and run!

I can hear the plane but I can't see it -- can you?

The MOBY series: in hiding.

In a tight corner (and NOT cursing about it)

Moby with chalk

Moby in a kitchen cabinet

And.... Moby almost out of the cabinet

Three Men on the Bummel (Sorry, Mr. Jerome)

We graduated to the big table! No more baby trays for us.

Where did all the blueberries go?

We even drink from big-boy cups (almost no spillage)

Kelvin's newest artwork

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Let me show you how the trash compactor works.

See, we take a can out of it...

and toss it like so!


Moby signs: more, more -- more blocks to build a tower

aaaand the last block!

Let's build another one!

This is our new favorite place to play. We ride down this little hill on our supercars

Safe landing

Let's roll

And up again

Awesome, a crash!

See the plane? Up, up, up, look, quickly!


...but happy!

zombie boys (this is what baby einstein videos do to us)

We worked out the proof together! (see it on the board?)

In school: let's see if the playground is ready

Up and down, up and down... This is our favorite place in the classroom