Sunday, September 16, 2007


Hi again! We were itching to be posted online but mom said she was busy... So we took the matters into our own hands and did it ourselves (almost).

First we read up on how it's done.

Boy, are there a lot of pages in this book!

Maybe we need some refreshments to keep us going
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Dad thinks we need to wear these when we ride in the bike trailer.

I don't like it: it hides my gorgeous hair!

Oh, you really think I am cute anyways? OK then!
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We got this house to play with.

Sure looks like a lot of work -- and Kelvin just walks away from it as if the dishes washed themselves!

Maybe it's more fun to play garage!

But we also help mom and dad: we do most of the vacuuming, for instance.
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We wash the dishes

And then we help mom put together the powerpoint for her presentation

Why not? That's why mom and dad bought us the computers, right?
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The kitchen series fantasy:
Kelvin calls mom to work: mom, what would you like for dinner tonight?

OK, let's get cooking!

Moby checks on the veggies in the microwave

Kelvin calls to let mom know dinner's almost ready.
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If mom wears one, why not me?

Kelvin was a little unsure about his hair. Next time maybe a couple of hair pins?

Mom showed us picture of how we were in her tummy. I guess it was like this.

Don't worry about all this girlie stuff though, we are still big strong pre-men! Grunt, grunt, can, erect, tall, towers from Legos.
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We think this is how mom and dad sleep.

OK, this is how dad sleeps, and how mom gets up when we cry at night (maybe minus the happy smile)

And this is how we will sleep in boy scout camp when we are big boys (maybe without the stuffed tiger)

We actually played a lot outside this summer (mom said something about sanity and not killing us...)
Anyways, one of our best trips was to the Silver lake where Moby learned it's not easy to walk in one's father's shoes...
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Moby staked out his territory

But then he remembered it's more fun to play with Kelvin,

who came up with the game plan: get a shovelful of sand,

and dump it on the garbage truck.
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Then I had to wash the truck...

It was so much fun to drop it in the water and watch it splash I got all soaked

Shish, doing all this fun stuff, we sure need a lot of fuel... and then a lot of diapers

Aren't I adorable even with my head in a diaper box?
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The best part about moving from Austin to Ann Arbor was all the junk food our parents let us have
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