Friday, November 09, 2007


Mom took us to the supermarket. Guess what we got out of it!

Mom's proffered excuse: the sugar was balanced by the opportunity to teach colors. Lots and lots of them...
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Now if only I can persuade the lollipop company to make me their spokesperson, maybe I get an unlimited supply of lollipops... (Note to self: gotta clear that one with Dad and Mom first.)

Oh yeah! This is what I call a snack!

Every once in a while, mom makes the mistake of trying to entice us to make art.

Usually, we get mom to draw something and then make it all dirty!
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But I can also do an original artwork.

As a reward, let's throw some markers around!

Or draw on our hands, instead of on the paper. Riiiiight here!

I was in my dark period when I produced this drawing...
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After the art has been produced and all surfaces washed, I get to play with my trains.

I may look friendly, but DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT TOUCHING THEM!!!!!!!!
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A few weeks back, Mom took us to a petting farm. We realized then that horses aren't two inches tall like those we have at home...

Then Mom bought carrots at the admission booth (at about thirtyeight dollars a pound) and we got to feed them to the goats

And the... well, we're not sure whether these were goats or what, but they sure liked the carrots...

And the last ones to the sheep. They sort of licked the carrots off our hands and it ticked :-)
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This pig must have weighted at least 300 Kelvins

Then we found some sticks

And mud and dirt... FUN!
Here we are, tired and content, being wheeled home. The farm was great, except for the part at the end when Mom basically sanitized our hands. Poor germs...
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The other day Dad gave us haircuts. It's only fair we reciprocated.

Alright, this is my confession: I LOVE PT Cruisers!!! When I don't get my fix spotting at least four on the way from daycare, Dad has to show me some on his computer.
On a nice sunday, we got together with some friends.

Thanks for the shirts, Tracy! (Mom made us mention casually that we didn't even fight over who gets which one. We don't know what 'casually' mean so we complied. Just in case... you know, moms...)
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This is our new favorite Ann Arbor park.
The best part of the park is that they have cars to play with (and crash!)

After the wreck (need to see a mechanic)
Boy, is it hard to push it uphill!
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Believe it or not, we are only complying with the photographer's request for this specific pose.
We though it was just hilaaarious
LOL funny!!!
See, normally we are THIS cute!
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