Friday, July 06, 2007

This series is from our June visit to Bratislava

The first thing we learned: taking public transportation is a serious business for big boys.
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Visiting Baba Luda's garden was great.

We would change into our destroyable outfits

And hunted for .... ehm... treasure

... and swept the floors -- still looking cute
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We hung out with Teta Janka

And Teta Zuza

And Ujo Peter and Druha Teta Zuza

And with Dedo Laco.
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Baba Luda grew tons of strawberries. We liked the little ones the best

After mom showed us how, we picked them ourselves

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After we ate all the little ones, we got started on the big strawberries

Baba Luda had to wash them first

Like this

And finally!!! Lots of big sweet strawberries!
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Here we are on a picnic

We got to eat fun string cheese

And some bread

And goof around with mom
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This is Ujo Palo -- well, his nose, anyways

We had fun!

And this is Ujo Pedro

See? We're best buddies!
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Mom kept trying to get us interested in toys other than trains or cars.

She doesn't get it -- trains are cars are fun!

See what we're talking about?

Teta Zuza got a new hairdo -- we helped her pose for a picture
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This sharing thing works sometimes, especially if there's more than we can drink.

Normally though we dine like civilized people, each has a plate, fork, cups, and gets to make own mess

Then we do some art
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WOW!!! A huge box from Teta Zuza and Ujo Pedro!

We can rip it open?

Trains!!! Tracks!!! Legos!!!

Mine! All mine!!!
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We visited our great-grandpa Stefan a few times

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