Thursday, February 19, 2009

December 2008

We prepped for Santa by getting new haircuts. (Usually Dad does it, and we get a bunch of chocolate afterwards...)

I didn't like it any better in the salon.

Well, they sure made me look snazzy!

And then Dad and I got treats out of the ... whaterver that was.
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Santa came! Santa came! And brought just the toys we admired in the toy store! How did he know???

Let's see what's in here.

And what did I get? (for anyone wondering, the puppy by Kelvin's feet is not the real deal)

And after Christmas, we went to Colorado to visit Grandma Margie and Grandpa Larry. I fastened my own seat belt!
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

FALL 2008

Hey there! We're playing with colors today -- mix-n-match, and spill and pour, etc.

What do I get if I mix red water with a really dirty-looking water?

Slowly, carefully... I am improving my fine motor skills here, right?

Moby's blue period...
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And more art projects, this time on dry land

It's a build-a-monster project, see?

This is the fingerpaint ogre project -- quicky, take the picture so I can see what I look like (given Mom's horrified face, it will be fun!)

One rainy afternoon, we had an awesome playdate with David and Ellie.
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We started our dinosaur week in daycare with a trip to the dinosaur museum. Here are all our friends and two of our bestest teachers, Amanda and Catie.

OK, now, I really want to know: who is bigger, me or this dinosaur?

What can be more fun than a couple of empty lego containers???

um, maybe the lego blocks...
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Preparations for candy day --pardon me-- Halloween. Moby tried the Thomas costume first.

Kelvin figured he'd get most candy in his fireman costume.

Then, of course, Moby had to be a fireman too.

And here we go: the last day of fall (12/20), the first day of snow!
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Thursday, February 05, 2009

August 2008

Laundry day!

Off to work, just like Dada

the joys of late summer...
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great packaging -- or who needs legos?

No snakeophobia here :-)

Now guess, who looks like who?
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Moby's disappearing pancake magic
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We are into all kinds of art projects -- gluing pompoms, for instance

concentrate, focus, the glue must be poured juuust right

I think this is how dinosaur babies were born

Or like this?
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Let's pretend we're babies

Me too! (don't ask me why but this is how I pretend I am a baby)

OK, now let's play teachers!

Yeah, me too!
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