Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MAY 2009

April showers bring May dandelions

Did you know how colorful dinosaurs were? Yup, these are dinosaurs, and don't try to argue with us!

Mom said three plus five is eight. I better double check

Finally, some peace and quiet in this room... Let me do some math!
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Boy, time flies when you're having fun!

Or when you're learning about time...

Or when we have very little time to quickly get the trucks and ourselves muddy from head to toe before Mom realizes what we're about to do!

Let's gooooo!!!
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Our new favorite swing (we just don't understand why mom gets dizzy watching us on it -- we sure don't feel dizzy)

Yes, these are cars with a steering wheel and a seat. The author has signed the piece himself.
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APRIL 2009

Happy Easter! Teta Zuza and Ujo Pedro sent us an idea for coloring eggs. The boys especially liked cracking the shells before dyeing them.

And on Easter morning, we went off to hunt.

Why did the Bunny hide all eggs is such silly places?

After we found all the eggs, our friends Jennifer and Darien showed us how to open them.
Go figure, some eggs had chocolate inside!
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Then we traded them

and compared (must make sure my brother didn't get a better loot!)

Kelvin cleaned up afterwards...

But missed the dust bunnies under the bed :-)
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MARCH 2009

And here we go again, the fourth time already: Happy Birthday to us!
First we celebrated at Jody's. Moby didn't quite enjoy it (I forgot why, but I am sure he had a good 4-year-old reason for it)

And then we celebrated at home. Moby is fully recovered (maybe the glass of wine helped?)

And the gifts, we can't forget the gifts! Teta Zuza and Ujo Pedro sent us an awesome US states puzzle. Super important: now we know where is Wyoming, and how we get there from Michigan, and that Texas is the biggest state, and that Georgia is the peanut state.

Yum, lots of candy from Grandma Margie's friend Linda -- thanks!
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And Marisa came to visit us from Chicago. In case you don't remember, look below:

Yup, Marisa, remember now? She knew us already when we barely knew us...

Just before the winter went away, we got out last gift: wet snow, perfect for royal snowmen!

Off with the king, long live... the felt-hat snowman!
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It was too cold to go outside. No problem, there's lots of climbing places at home too!

Ooooh, finger paint!

Or 'hand' paint?

This is what I would look like in glasses. These are Dad's, and I can't see a thing through them!
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We caught up on reading...

No paparazzi, please!!!

Thomas, our friend from daycare, had a birthday party -- can you find us here?

Amira and I got to be royalty for three minutes (at least mom thought this looked like a throne...)
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Happy new year!!!

This was our winter paradise: snow, more snow, and some blue water for squirting

Hey, and green, too -- that's my favorite color.
and we're off!
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Sometimes I just want some peace...

Huh, now guess who is me and who is my brother?

Well, last time I dressed like this I got a bucket full of candy. (doesn't seem to work today..)

If Kelvin dressed up, I will too!
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