Sunday, July 27, 2008


Hi again. Remember we showed you our favorite park last December? Well, we've got a new one: it's called the "Park kde maju najvacsie hojdacky na svete" (translated, "the park with the biggest swings in the world"). It's possible the park has a different name but we think this name fits. Don't you?

Other than swings, there are a ton of other great things there -- like this little stream.
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Of course, there are awesome playscapes too. With this one, you can rock climb to get to the top

or crawl through the tunnels.

Either way, you get to slide down like sooooo!!!

This is another part of the park -- we think, if we keep going this way, we wind up in Ohio. Or Arizona. We're not sure, we usually just get to the bench to rest and have a snack.
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Refueling break.

And off to the slide!

See me? Can YOU climb this high?

I'm literally above the tree line (ok, maybe only metaphorically...)
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We're pooped (to be distinguished from poopy, which we are not. Definitely not.)

Time to go home, I guess

Where mom dunks us in the tub to make bubbles. And to get clean.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

April and May

Teta Zuza came to visit us!

We rented a minivan and off to a mini-vacation we went!

Yeah, right!

We stopped at a Christmas superstore. So much to see!!! So much to break!!!
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The best part about hotel rooms is the jumping!

The tubs are passable, too.

And the towels... nice and soft. Just like us.

And the coffee maker. When was the last time you spend five fascinating minutes watching coffee brew?
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The hot tub pictures.

Pure pleasure, no comment necessary.

Ooooh, a drain!

What happens if I toss it into the pool???
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At the end of the trip, we stopped for a nice lunch.

Choco... Choco... yum... don't disturb...
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Refueling stop at the park.

So we have energy for construction work

Teta Zuza had to take a break from all the running after us at the park
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What can be better than a drain?

It's dirty, deep, dark,


and we can drop rocks into it!
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Look, see the crocodile???

Si moja kamaratka, teta Zuza, hovori Moby

OK, one more thing we HAVE to mention about Zuzka and Pedro's visit: we got to eat some JUNK food!

Cookies larger than my face!
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