Sunday, April 22, 2007


We discovered this awesome new park.

We come here to throw rocks in the stream;

See, you take a rock from the path and off to the water with it!

And we come here to stop and smell the flowers...
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Last week we came here with Marisa.

We showed her the bluebonnets,

And how to throw rocks in the water.

Just yesterday, we met here with teta Marketka a Anicka
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Saturday, April 21, 2007

We got a little wet

Then we played in the sandbox
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With a bucket and a shovel.

We even found some 'maceky' (ants if you are not familiar with Kelvinese)

Yeah, right here, see?

Like I said, I love this park!!!
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Maybe I will be an air traffic controller when I grow up

Who LOOOOVES my hair like this?

And who LOOOOOVES mine like this?
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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Our special birthay snack (isn't mom funny? She thought we would eat fruit when she gave us chocolate cupcakes!)

Right! That's hilarious!

And a chocolate bunny! Yum

We rewarded our parents with this artwork. They cleaned us up aftewards...
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First, push dad into the 'volcano' (that's what the pit with the red foam blocks is called)

Then, jump in to save him

Call your brother to help

Then, join forces to throw dad into the volcano again!!!
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And down the baby slide.

And up the baby slide.

They have lots of balls like this one here

And all this fun happend at Eli and Matan's birthday party!
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I think I got a booger right here

Whether at the beach or at home: I stay sun-protected and well-connected (hallo?)

Yeah??? How many shares? Get them all! Now!!!
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Balloons! Who understands them! They fall upwards...

Like mine! Fell up.

Trucks and trains... We are boys alright!

More trucks and trains! All mine!
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Perhaps a bit blurry, I am still adorable, aren't I?

Me too, me too! (not blurry, just adorable!)

This devillish face means some sand is going to land in someone's hair shortly

Tired little Moby...
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