Thursday, January 10, 2008


As it got colder, we started going to the play area at the mall. First we had to fix our stroller.

Then we got to climb on a giant piece of chalk

And some more climbing...

And then we got to stomp on balls,
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And finally we got to stomp on cars -- what can be better?

Maybe a little art -- mom will come up with crazy stuff to keep us busy

yeah, like taping paper on the windows for us to draw on.

Doesn't she know we would be just as happy to draw on walls???
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We did some modeling for mom. She made us -- said something about Santa's list and lumps of coal... Don't know what she's talkin' about...

And some naked modeling (well, what do you expect? It's cold in Michigan, we had to stay under the warm towels)

And some individual shots...

And now me!
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And a nice one outside

And of course many of you recognize this one

And one more. Aaaand we're done here!
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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Listen! Jody, our daycare teacher, takes us to this gym:

Cool, right? Mom drooled all over her shirt when I showed her.

There we play the choo-choo train with all the other kids,

And generally get to act like monkeys -- sorry, I mean, like ourselves...
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Walk like a monkey,

Do a somersault,


And jump!
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See, this is the 'point and flex' exercise.

And this is practice for breaking out of jail or something...

This gym place is dangerous! One little slip and I'm icing an injury here...

This is our last documented outing before it got COLD
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Have wheels,

Will travel.

Though with the gas prices these days, mom better teaches us how to ride a tricycle instead...

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The first REAL snow of the season.

Let's shovel!

Or not.

Errr, can we go inside instead?
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Yeah yeah yeah, library is where losers borrow books but WE get to listed to Green Eggs and Ham

Would you? Could you? On a chair? Will you? Will you? With bad hair?
(Or something...)

They also have checkers (i.e., blocks to build towers from)

At home we decorated cookies for Christmas dinner. One cookie, two cookie,
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I made all three by myself!

Painting on the glaze is a SERIOUS business

And some sprinkes, and we're ready for Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!
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